How to Make a Fresh Flower Pomander Without Using Wires

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A fresh flower pomander is a ball-shaped bouquet or decoration with a ribbon handle, and only lightweight flowers should be used to cover the majority of the ball's surface. Soak the pomander ball before adding fresh flowers with helpful tips from an experienced professional florist in this free video on arranging flowers.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Crystal Nassar with Tuscany Florists and I'm going to show you how to make a fresh flower pomander without using wire. So I've soaked my oasis in water with flower, with some flower food in it. And here's my oasis pomander ball, it's very heavy and it was already pre-shaped. O.k., so I'm just going to start and I'm going to use a light, light weight flower and then we can accent it with other flowers. But just to cover the whole oasis, just start by cutting and inserting each stem. And not too short you know, you want to get them in, in the ball, so they stay, so you're covering the green. If you want, before hand you can put greenery, which is going to do a real modern style, so you see, I'm just, real easy. You can do this with Carnations if they're real open, they cover real easily, and then put your, accent it with your more expensive flower like an Orchid. I'm going to fill it in as much as I can while it's sitting on the table. Because when I have to pick it up to fill in that, that bottom part, that's the hard part. So just fill in as much as possible all around, getting way in there. So I'm going to take some of the tighter buds, so we're not wasting them, and just fill in where you see a little bit of greenery, still showing. Stick them in there and it'll cover that, cover everything up. You'll see this green here, so I'm just going to fill that in, just make it nice and full. Now that I filled in the Pomander all around and on top, I'm going to pick it up to do the bottom. So I'm going to carefully, hold it by the oasis and just flip it over. And I've already precut all my other flowers, so I'm just going to continue filling it in carefully, trying not to drop it. Or you could have somebody help you with this and just continue filling it all in, so it's covered. Trying not to break the stems, if you hit another stem, just move it to a different spot. O.k., I'm going to just gently place, place it on a vase, you can use any kind of you know, vase. We're going to tie a ribbon without using wire, there is no need for wire in this pomander. I selected my ribbon and I tied it around one side, now I'm going to criss cross it. And I'm just going to place the pomander on the ribbon, so it's even, o.k. And now I am going to tie my ribbon and kind of, get the flowers in there a little bit. I'm going to add a little bit more accent to this, to cover the flowers along the side of the ribbon. And that's how you make a fresh flower pomander without using wire.


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