How to Collect Seeds From Plants

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The best time to collect seeds from plants is when they've turned to seed and before it rains so hard that the seeds turn to mush. Find out how to collect seeds by placing them in an envelope with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video on collecting plant seeds.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I'm going to talk about how to collect seeds from plants. Now the best time to collect seeds from plants is, when they've turned to seed and before it rains really hard and they turn to mush in the fall. So in the heat of the summer or as soon as they've made little seed pods that you see that are pretty much on the dry side, you can save them. Now these Alliums are great, because they were done blooming months ago, the seeds are still good and they're very dry. An easy way to collect seeds, is to save them right into an envelope. And you can just pull them right off or you can cut them off, but I like to just put them right into an envelope. And then that way they stay on the dry side, and then keep the envelope in a dry place. So once you've collected quite a few seeds, you can turn around and plant them right away or wait till the next spring and plant them. An just mark your envelope, these are Allium, and you've got some seeds. I've got Penstemon seeds, how many birds love this plant, and they've just turned to seed. So when I'm cleaning out my garden beds periodically, whenever it looks dead or it's turned to seed, I try to save the seeds and then cut the stems down, so that the garden looks again. So same thing, you can either cut them or I just pull them right off. Now whenever they still look like berries, they're really good. And just pull them right off and put them in an envelope and mark it for Penstemon. And then that way, I can enjoy my plants for many years to come.


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