How to Plant Fescue Grass Seed in Late Winter

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Fescue grass seed can be planted in late winter in a warmer climate, as grass will not generate sprouts during very cold winters below 50 degrees. Plant grass seed in the spring or fall with lawn care tips from a sustainable gardener in this free video on growing grass.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to plant fescue grass seed late in Winter. Now grass seed can pretty much be planted year round but it needs heat, water and sun to generate so if you live in a really warm climate where it's hot in the middle of Winter you can plant it in the middle of Winter and it will come right up. If you live in a cold climate where it's below freezing or it's not above 50 anyway the grass is not going to come up in late Winter, it's going to wait for the Spring and it will generate as soon as the sun comes out and that's o'kay too because it will come up but sometimes you do lose some because it will just rot and you'll lose them because they are not generating so the best time to plant them is in the Spring and the Fall when the nights are still moist and you've got the heat but it's not too hot or too cold and here's a few tricks on planting the fescue grass seed. So if you have a bad rocky area or this is just hard clay, nothing is going to grow. You can put grass seed down and it's not going to do anything. Now if you're going to put grass seed down and you've got all these weeds the weeds will still come through so the best thing to do is physically remove as many weeds as you can. You can put Round Up on it but I don't like chemicals in any way and usually it won't address the whole issue. You've got to get rid of the weeds. Once you have gotten rid of the weeds then put some good compost or potting soil is best, anything that's got good drainage or some vermiculite in it, not just really hard compost that's just going to mat down and not do anything but you want to just kind of rake that over your area because really if you put grass seed over dead grass or you put grass seed over sand or clay it's not going to do much but if you put grass seed right on to some nice soil it will come up right away. So you can put your grass seed and just rake it right in to the compost and if it's the middle of Winter it is probably raining. You don't even have to water it in and in the Spring it will come right up if you live in a cold climate or if you live in a warm climate it will probably come up within a few weeks and you can enjoy your nice new fescue lawn.


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