Growing Wheatgrass Outside

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To grow wheatgrass outdoors, plant germinated seeds only an inch under the soil, and lightly mist the soil to keep it moist. See how easy it is to grow wheatgrass, for eating or as an ornamental grass, with helpful information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on growing food.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I'm going to talk about how to grow wheatgrass outside. Now wheatgrass is all the trend and many people are growing it in little containers indoors especially for their cats and dogs to nibble on because it's so full of all types of nutrients. Now you can turn around and plant it right outside just like any other grass like the grass on your lawn, it's just a set of roots and so you can break it into pieces or you can just grow it as it is, just set it right in the soil and it will grow like a nice ornamental grass and you can trim it out as needed. Also when you're growing it outside, there is many easy ways to grow even if you only have a patio so you can use all types of recycled materials too. By just putting some material on the bottom and filling it with soil or using a container too, even a small container, you can grow it yourself right in soil and when you're growing outside it is easier to grow in soil I have found than hydroponic clay or if you're trying to grow it just in a little bit of soil itself. I like to grow it right into the dirt or right into your garden but in the containers the trick is is to make sure you always have fresh seed and seed that hasn't been baked. So a lot of times if you buy wheatgrass seed or wheat seed in the store it has been baked and it won't generate any seed, it won't grow so when you sprinkle it on, I just try to use more than I think I need and always make sure too and cover it about one inch with soil or up to two inches even barely covering it and then just add water and the trick is when you're growing seeds outside you don't want to use a heavy stream of water you want just a little bit of a mist to make it really moist and you never want to let it dry out too much and you never want it sitting right in water. As long as the wheatgrass is in a sunny spot it will grow and you can start it as late as mid-Summer to early Fall as long as you have a warm season it will come up and grow and be ready to harvest within a few weeks. It's that easy.


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