Growing Flowers in a Grassy Patch

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The flowers that can grow well in grass are violets, oxalis, daffodils, crocus and puschkinia, all of which have small enough bulbs to plant in the grass easily. Incorporate colorful blossoms into a grassy area of the yard with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video on garden plants.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about growing flowers in a grassy patch. Now, the new trend is using your lawn year round, and I have found I have planted a few crocus and daffodils and things that bloom in the spring right into my grass. And the thing about that is that you're not usually mowing the lawn in the spring so the crocus and the daffodils come up, and then they die back and you start mowing the lawn and you don't even know they're there. And it's really easy to do is just to mix some different types of plants into your grass. Violets do really well. Oxalis does really well in grasses as well. And I have found, too, you can do it year round, and the trick is find bulbs that are small, though. The smaller the bulb the better because usually they're going to be smaller plants. And so what I'll do is just kind of work up some holes into the grass, and you don't really; I don't really want to damage or make a big spot but I found that this works really well because I just have these little bulbs and I'm just setting them right into these little holes. And it works really well with crocus, or little daffodils, or kiona doxa, or oxalis, or anything that's really small; puschkinia, any small bulbs. And see, you don't even notice they're in there, and so this next spring I will have a surprise because my grass isn't doing a whole lot but I'll have lots of little flowers all the way through my lawn.


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