How to Graft Flowers

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Grafting flowers is the process of taking a cutting from one plant, making small cuts into another plant and joining the two together to come up with a new variety. Practice grafting flowers and plants with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video on garden plants.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to graft flowers. Now grafting is basically taking a start or cutting from one plant and putting it on to another plant so that it'll grow onto that plant and you can have variation. So you can have different color roses on the same rose bush or you can have different types of cherry trees on the same cherry tree. But either way, the philosophy is the same and it's very easy to do in the end. So when you're cutting a piece of rose for example off another plant to put onto the plant, you want to use a really sharp knife and you want to cut at a complete angle. So you want to just cut it right on the stem, right down at an angle so that it's not straight across; it's more at an angle and that it'll graft real easy to the other plant. Other times I'll pull off just a couple of the side leaves as well. Now there's different ways that you can graft onto the other rose. You can make what they call a little T cuts; so you're just kind of cutting in but not all the way across just for the bark barely on both sides and then you just kind of peel it off so that you got to the yet; to the actual stem. Then once you've got that part, you can take this part and then put it right into where you've made the hole and then that will grow onto that. Now you can use all types of tape; I found masking tape works just as well as any other kind and you just want to tape that onto the plant. And many times that is enough to have a nice graft. Now another method is you can cut all the way through and then you cut a stem all the way through and then exactly where they meet, you would just graft it right onto there with some tape. Now the trick is you've got to make sure that rose or any other plant stays really good and watered. A lot of people say too by putting some honey in between or any type of peanut butter in between too it makes a little more of a graft. And see where they just met and kind of connect them and a lot of times it will take. Grafting is really an easy process and you just keep practicing and you will find in time you can come up with all types of new varieties of plants that way.


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