How to Plant Broccolini

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Broccolini is a cool-climate vegetable, so it must be planted right after the last frost of the season before the temperatures rise too much. Grow broccolini, a relative to broccoli, with helpful information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on growing food.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I want to talk about how to grow or plant Broccolini. Now Broccolini is the same family as Broccoli, they're a little bit different, they have a longer stems and a little bit more spread out heads. And they're used in Asian cooking more often, so they're very popular. Now they're easy to grow from seed, just like many other vegetable vegetables. Now the trick with Broccolini is that, it is a cold climate vegetable. Meaning, that if you start it too late in the Summer, in the heat of the Summer. It won't do a whole lot, it does not like the heat. You need to start it after the last frost but before it gets into the nineties and the hundreds, if you live in a warm climate. And vice versa, you can also start some in the Fall and possibly get harvest into October, November. If you live in a mild climate, where you still have cool Falls and that you still can get a second crop out of them. So they're just like any other seeds, so they're just little, little seeds. And when you plant them, just put them in a container or right into the ground. And you just want to kind of spread them out and make sure they're covered about one inch. And then when you water them, mist them, don't use the heavy, heavy pressure because the seeds will just wash away. You want to just mist them so that the soil stays real moist but not too boggy wet too, at the same time. So you want to put them in a full, sunny spot with good drainage. And usually within sixty to ninety days, you will have your own Broccolini on your Broccolini plant.


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