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Before buying Rollerblades, it's important to identify the type of skates that are needed, such as aggressive skates, recreational skates or fitness skates. Buy in-line skates at athletic stores with help from a professional in-line skating instructor in this free video on buying Rollerblades.

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Hi this is Andrea Franklin and I'm an in-line skating instructor here in Miami, Florida. In this clip I'm going to teach you how to buy Rollerblades or what we call in-line skates. First are the aggressive skates. They have a very small wheel, normally 58 millimeter wheel. The wheels are also flat. The boot is hard shell and this is what they use for aggressive in-line skating when they do the ramps, when they do the grinding so this is a very good skate for aggressive skating. Next is the skate that I have on. This is just a recreational skate. If you just want to go skate out on the beach or in your local park if you want to do some slalom cones. If you want to do a few tricks, dancing on your skates it has a much smaller wheel as well and it's a soft boot which is a lot more comfortable than the hard boot that I showed you before. Next we have what's called a fitness skate. This skate is made by Rollerblade. It has a soft shell, it has 90 millimeter wheels and this is a great skate to get out on the trails and get your fitness, get your exercise because skating is such a good exercise for your legs and your cardiovascular system. Last but not least we have the Bont semi race skate. If you notice this has really big wheels. These wheels are 100 millimeter wheels, has a longer frame. These skates are just when you want to go really really fast and for racing and doing marathons. My favorite skate shop is Fritz's Skate Shop on South Beach on Washington Avenue but you can buy skates at any kind of athletic store, any sports authority, any place that sells athletic wear you can buy a great in-line skate and thank you for being with me on how to buy in-line skates.


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