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Physical exercises that will help golfers to hit the ball farther include swinging golf clubs with weighted donuts on the end. Learn about the importance of flexibility for golfers with help from a Class A member of the PGA of America in this free video on golf exercises.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Kevin Battersby with in Coconut Creek, Florida. In this clip I'm going to show you some physical exercises, how to hit your golf ball further. If you notice in my left hand I have a weighted golf club, used in baseball too, I notice that the, the donut's on there. I like to swing this club prior to my round or even in my practice session. Sometimes I'll swing it a hundred times a day and this club here, the power hitter, actually is designed to actually hit a golf ball. Take this out, hit fifty or sixty, hundred shots a day, it's going to tune your muscles up but also the golf muscles. I much prefer to do golf training exercises with golf clubs with weighted clubs in drills than going to the gym. I've done some work in the gym with the curls and that but nothing better than swinging a weighted club. Also swinging this slowly. And again this club is designed years ago you didn't hit this. This club's designed you go out and play with it, hit it on the driving range. But I like to hit fifty or a hundred times sometimes on the range or you can take it to the golf course, hits some shots. It slows me down and gives me the right sense for my golf swing, the motion. In addition to that what I like to do is take multiple swings with one club. I can take one club and set it down and just start swinging. You get the synchronization, and I'll feel the club swinging, and pull my body in to park. The golf muscles are different than your muscles in other sports. They're more of what's called the quick twitch muscles. These quick twitch muscles aren't so cumbersome. That's why you don't see the golfers with a lot of big muscles, and a lot of big bulk. We want speed and flexibility so I think there's no better way to hit golf balls further than to by swinging a golf club in succession multiple times, o.k. or if you're just trying to warm up a lot of players will take two clubs and swing that. And again, you're doing your swinging motion. And if you notice I'm swinging it, it's pulling my body in to position, and actually training my muscles. I'm also going slower, a great way also to warm up. You don't want to pull a muscle or get, you don't want to get too tight, you want to stay loose for your golf shots. But again I think my favorite is the weighted club. Again, this club here I can hit. If I hit this a hundred times a day you can bet I'm pretty sore and tired and it's done the beneficial for my distance. This is Kevin Battersby showing you how to get training with more distance in your golf shots.


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