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In golf, the old standard for organizing clubs entails putting the shorter clubs in the first slot of the bag, the middle irons in the middle brackets and the big clubs in the back. Find out where to place putters and hybrids in a golf bag with help from a Class A member of the PGA of America in this free video on organizing golf clubs.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Kevin Battersby with in Coconut Creek, Florida. In this clip, I'm going to show you how to organize the golf clubs in your bag. I have what's called a tour staff bag, which makes it a lot easier to have you put the clubs in the bag and then retrieve them, also. But generally speaking, what the old standard in golf was, that the shorter clubs, the pitching wedge, your sand wedge, your nine and eight iron, would go in the first slot of the bag. As you can see here, they're...because of the shortest they go from low to high, in ascending order. I've got my wedges, here, my short irons and my seven iron. In the middle brackets, I would put my two iron, my three iron, my four iron, my five iron. I'd even probably put my hybrids in there, which used to replace the two and three iron, in the center. Depending on how many clubs you have, certainly in my bag, since I have so many woods, I would put the hybrids in the center. And again, you can see the clubs are going from low to high. So when I put my cart in the bag, and it looks like this, I don't have a big club in the front obscuring the view of the other clubs behind. So I can see these very readily. I can get to these. And then in the back I have my woods, the tallest clubs in the bag, and my belly putter, here, which is also tall. Some bags will have the belly putter to the side. They have a nice, little fixture here to the side where you don't even have to go in your bag to get your belly putter. So, that's an option for you when you're looking for clubs and bags. But you can see I have my tallest clubs, my woods. These are forty four, forty five inches, and they're the tallest and they sit at the top, in the very top rung of my bag. So in organizing your clubs, to make it easy to get your clubs, when you're bring the clubs back, make sure you put them back in the same order: the short irons, the wedges and the nines, the eights and the sevens in the lower compartment. the middle irons in the center. And then in the top, you'd have your longest clubs. So in organizing your clubs, make sure you adhere to the idea that you want the shortest clubs at the bottom of the bag, and then moving upward. It's much easier for you, when you're going to pick your club selection, to find the club that you want, select it and go hit your shot, and have a good round. This is Kevin Battersby. Thank you for watching.


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