How to Grip an Offset Driver

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When gripping an offset driver in golf, it's important to get the club to sit more deeply in the left hand, so that more fingernails are visible. Find out how to get in a stronger position to hook a golf ball with help from a Class A member of the PGA of America in this free video on offset drivers in golf.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Kevin Battersby with in Coconut Creek, Florida. In this clip I'm going to show you how to grip an offset driver. I have in my hands two clubs, one is my driver which I use which is not offset. What offset implies is that the shaft is actually back behind the head propelling the face forward making it almost look closed and now that I have at wood, that actually has that effect. You notice that the shaft angling here is actually more to the right of the face line here than on my club here my driver that I use. The advantage to the offset club is that it helps the player hook the ball more because any time the club face is more in front of your hands the face effectively is more closed as compared to the opposite if the face were behind my hands you can see the face is wide open. Generally speaking players that can't draw the ball, can't hook the ball normally will buy an offset driver to counteract the slice and the fade that they might be getting from a normal driver. I have seen in my teaching that it can reduce between 10 and 15 yards of slice but what I want to show you this morning is how to use the offset driver and also improve your game by having a better grip. One of the reasons you may need an offset club or you are going to an offset club is that you don't have the club in your fingers enough with your left hand which promotes more release on the shot and your right hand, you want to get the club more in the hand where you can see more of your nails. The sum total of these two things combined with an offset club should give you the proper rotation and release of the club to hook the ball. As you see my hands are turning here and opposed to that if you are using an offset club with the grip too much in your palm you'll be able to see the handle from the front which is really forbidden. Likewise in your right hand you can see my nails here, that would be a stronger position to hook the ball. As I turn my hand more to the left and see less nails you're going to have less of an advantage of using that club offset to draw the ball. Again get the club more on your fingers of your left hand so you can't see the grip cap behind my wrist here and then in your right hand make sure that your right hand is more under the shaft and you can see your nails. It allows these flexors to act more through your shot. This has been Kevin Battersby showing you how to use an offset driver.


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