How to Compare Different Golf Clubs

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There are many different types of golf clubs, and those that are cast clubs will typically have less feel than those golf clubs that are forged. Find out what distinguishes golf clubs with a cavity back with help from a Class A member of the PGA of America in this free video on comparing golf clubs.

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Hi, this is Kevin Battersby with in Coconut Creek, Florida. In this clip I'm going to show you how to compare golf clubs. In this day and age you hear a lot about cavity back golf clubs. There's probably nobody out there who doesn't, doesn't employ a few cavity back clubs in their bag. Now here is my sand wedge which is really not cavity back; that's the old blade style. It doesn't have a large face and the switch spot is a little bit smaller; but what it provides is for more feel. This is a forged club; so when you're picking your clubs if you decide to go with the cast club which Pings are normally cast and probably half of your club manufacturers, manufacturers make cast clubs, you get a little, little less feel on those. So my Mizuno brand is a, is a forged model and is very good for feel. You can see though as I go to my 9 yard I have a little cavity back here. Karsten Solheim with Ping was the first who got to come out with this; now it's standard, any club. As he hollow this out, it made the switch spot go from say, here to a little more toward the toe. He did a random sample of golf club and found out that when players miss the ball, they miss it more toward the toe; thereby taking some of the weight out here he was able to extend that switch spot toward the area where most novice golfers hit. But to tell you the truth even the pros hit there; so it's considered a great technological advantage and it's called game enhancement to have it a cavity back feature on your clubs. You'll see that goes into my clubs; it actually gets a little bit bigger as it goes to a longer clubs. Very few players are playing with what's considered a complete blade throughout their set. A lot of players like to have the blades in their higher irons for scoring and feel; okay and as the clubs get longer they have more and more cavity back, same with the offset. You notice again I have graphite shaft 'cause graphite shaft allows me to have a longer club, a lighter club with the head that's heavier than it's steel component in the same company. For instance Mizuno in the steel shaft, this head would be a little lighter; this club would be little heavier and shorter; nothing I want in my golf game. I want a longer club; I want a lighter club and I want the advantage and enhancement of the cavity back. This is Kevin Battersby showing you how to compare your golf clubs.


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