How to Build a Bird Habitat

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Building a bird habitat depends on the species and size of the bird, but generally there needs to be perches throughout, food bowls, water bowls and visual stimulation. Create the best possible environment for a variety of birds with help from an experienced bird breeder and rescuer in this free video on pet bird habitats.

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Hi I am Laurian Rauen, from Wings to New Horizons. We are a non-profit lifetime bird sanctuary. This is Harvey. Harvey is a yellow nape amazon. He is quite vocal, he sings opera, and a number of other things. Now a habitat has to have things in them that supply them with their food, their water, and visual stimulation. You want to have a perch set up so that it is adjacent to their food and water source, you also want to have a perch that sits as high in the cage as possible. The reason being that birds enjoy being above, because they feel that predators are not going to get them. As you can see Harvey has got a number of different toys in here. You have to be very careful on what you use with different species of parrots. If you get a too small of a toy one that is not suitable for them they can chew it, it can get into their crop, and it can be dangerous to them. So you will notice that most of these toys here are of a larger size than they would be for a smaller bird. We also have a top here, which is a play pen for the birds when where they can be outside of their cage they can be given fruit, they can be given treats, and that they can sit up there and enjoy that. The perches are not all the same size so that they can grip on it, which is good for the stimulation of their feet. You want to have a perch sit between or in front of their food and their water. You also want to have a high perch, because birds do like to roost at night, and sleep at the highest points. So that would be a perch in the back, which is the highest point. We also have a perch in here, which is embedded with concrete. These are commercial made perches, and that one is designed so that it keeps the toenails trimmed so they don't get overly long. And also that the birds can trim their beaks on there.


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