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Bird perches can be made from dowel rods, sanitized sticks and a variety of other materials, and they should be placed in convenient locations throughout the bird's cage. Make sure pet birds have a place to perch by their food and near the top of the cage with help from an experienced bird breeder and rescuer in this free video on pet care accessories.

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Video Transcript

I am Laurian Rauen from Wings to New Horizons, a non-profit bird sanctuary. I am going to show you how to place your perches in your cage for setting up a new cage for a new bird. You want to have one perch that is basically going to go across the center. You want to have the perch set up so that the bird can comfortably sit on a perch, and have its food and water source close to it. You also would like to have perhaps put a perch up closer to the top, put it on an angle so that the bird can climb up. Birds like to nest in a higher position at night. Especially when they are sleeping they are not comfortable being low in the cage. They want to be high. Just like in nature they go to the highest point of the tree so they feel safer there. You can have different size perches. These happen to be very similar to dowel that you can buy at any of your big box stores. You can get some of these, these also can be purchased from bird shops, different diameters, they have different size shapes of them. You can put them in different spots in the cage so that the bird has some stimulation. They can hop around, they can play, and they have different shapes and sizes so that that stimulates the grasping and the clutch of their claws. This is a smaller one. You can also get these in a stone finish, which basically has like a concrete finish in them. And you want to have just about one of these in every cage for your bird, because if keeps their nails down, and it also gives them a stone that they can sharpen and clean their beaks. Similar to the mineral rock that you put in, but this is a perch that can be used both for beak and nails. This will also give you the opportunity to hang maybe toys above these perches so the bird can sit on the perches, and they could also play with toys.


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