How to Get Birds to Make a Nest in Their Cage

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Encouraging a pet bird to create a nest involves setting up a hospitable environment, such as a store-bought or handmade nesting box and perch. Supply a safe place for pet birds to nest with help from an experienced bird breeder and rescuer in this free video on pet bird habitats.

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Hi, I'm Laurian Rauen from Wings to New Horizons, we are a nonprofit lifetime bird sanctuary. And I'm going to show you how to set up a cage with a nesting situation for birds. Now you can use many different materials. This happens to be a homemade concept, you can buy nest boxes at your stores. This is an olive jar. And the olive jar is attached, as you can see, in the back with wire, so it is wired firmly to this cage. This cage is the size for a small parrot, a Quaker, possibly a cockatiel. You want to make sure that you have a perch below and wires so that they can climb up and they can get into the nest box. This is designed so that the birds can go in and out. They can sit on the perch, they can watch if there is, if their mate is inside there with babies, with eggs. They can also come out of the nest, the hole in the nest box. They can sit there in an out type of situation and then they can hop on down. They like the nest box, nesting area to be higher then the perch. This is, this particular thing here is a, a, I believe it's about a three gallon container and it had been a, an olive jar, a plastic olive jar. Had to cut the hole there for the bird's entry and then it also had to be disinfected with water and bleach. One, one gallon of water and one cup of bleach. And you want to make sure that you clean this out very well, then you rinse it and you let it air dry. Now nesting material for your small birds is usually shavings. You can buy these at any of your pet shops. Some of the bigger birds don't like shavings, and they will pick it up, one by one and throw it away. This is a relatively simple arrangement, basically what you do, is you've got five inches of wire here across. It is banded around the olive jar and then it is banded underneath. You have a crimping tool, these are what they use on rabbit hutches, what they call cage clips and you cage clip all this together. You want to make sure that you're using something like cage clips, you want to use good wire, because trust me, your birds have the beaks where they can bite through something that is other than wire and if it's not strong enough your bird can possibly get out.


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