How to Disinfect Sticks to Use for Bird Toys

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Sticks used as bird toys or perches should always be disinfected by stripping down the bark, scrubbing the wood with a steel wool, soaking it in water and letting it air dry in the sun. Create safe toys and perches from items found in nature with help from an experienced bird breeder and rescuer in this free video on pet care accessories.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Laurian Rauen from Wings To New Horizons. We are a non-profit lifetime sanctuary and I'm going to show you how to disinfect a bird perches so that they're safe if to use in your bird cages. If you want to use it as part of a toy making project, you want to make sure that it has been cleaned, disinfected and dried before you put it into the application of the bird toy. This can also be used for some smaller birds; these happens to be a small limb from a tree; this is going to be used for a larger bird like a Cockatoo or Macaw. Now what you want to do is you want to soak the outside bark with a bleach solution. The bleach solution is going to be one cup of bleach to one gallon of water. This is so that it kills any type of parasites. It also is going to disinfect and make the; in this case perch or the toy safe and clean for your bird. Now you can take something as simple as a barbecue cleaning tool and after you soak this, you can go like this and get the bark off; see it will come off very easily. Then if you've got areas that still need to be cleaned, you take the wire part and you scrub it down because the object is as you want to get rid of all of these bark, you don't want your bird taking this off because we don't know what's underneath there. We don't know if there's been any contaminants from the air; any pollution that may have been sprayed. Now what you want to do after you have that; your perch and all cleaned down, you want to take, rinse it off with water. Set it out in the sun; let it sun dry. Now the; in this case, the perch is ready to be used in your cage; on top of a playpen or wherever else you might want to use it for your bird.


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