How to Do a Back Roll to Handstand

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Learning to do a back roll to a handstand is best done by breaking it down into smaller movements. Perfect a backwards roll on the floor before adding the handstand on the end with advice from an experienced gymnastics coach in this free video on gymnastics techniques.

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Video Transcript

Hi there my name is Lisa. I'm here from World of Gymnastics in Woodstock, Georgia. We coach gymnastics. We also have cheerleading here at our campus and then there's swimming across the street so we have family feel in our campus. Now we're going to go ahead and show you how we teach our backward roll going to a backward roll to an extension roll, going all the way up to the handstand. So I'm going to start it with Selena. The first thing we do is we're going to teach our kids how to do their backward roll. We're going to make sure that their arms are up and that they roll nice and tight and land on their feet. Go ahead Selena let's see the backward roll and she's landing on her feet with a big stretch to finish. Once they have mastered that skill by themselves we're going to go ahead and move over here. Brittany is going to show you how we do it with a little bit of a straighter arms so we're teaching the girls to start with their arms above their head, keeping their fingers nice and close. We want to make sure that their shoulder angle stays open and that they're rolling off their fingers not off the back of their head. She's going to try and finish in a pike position so she's trying to keep her arms and her legs straight at all times. Go ahead Brittany. Very good. Once they've mastered that we're going to go ahead and move it on up. Emma here is going to show you how to do their backward roll landing in a push up position. That push up position is going to teach them how to stay nice and tight and hollow. We're also looking to make sure that her arms stay perfectly straight so Emma can you do a backward roll to a push up with straight arms please. Very good. O'kay? So she did a great job. From there we're going to go over here to Bren and Bren's going to try and hit that handstand in the air and try to hold that handstand and step down and it's the same idea. She's going to pop and set back down. Katie's up and she's going to do the back extension roll all the way on the floor. The first thing I'm going to do is spot her. I want to make sure she is hitting those nice body positions and those arms are coming back. So when she sits I'm going to make her keep her arms back behind her ears. So go ahead Katie. She's going to rock up to her toes, squat her bottom down by her heels, roll and I'm going to hold her making sure that she fixes that handstand and step it on out. Once she has mastered that with a spot I'm going to go ahead and let her try it on her own. Let's see what you've got? Her arms stay back, she's going to squat and roll hard and pop all the way up. Very good Katie.


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