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Weight training can be incorporated into gymnastics training, but many gyms teach gymnasts to use the weight of their own bodies to gain strength. Understand how weight training is used in gymnastics and tumbling with advice from an experienced gymnastics coach in this free video on gymnastics techniques.

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Hi there my name is Lisa. I'm here from World of Gymnastics in Woodstock, Georgia. We coach gymnastics. We also have cheer leading here at our campus and then there's swimming across the street so we have a family feel in our campus. We're going to talk about our weight training that we do here at World of Kids. Our philosophy at World of Kids is we don't utilize weights for the kids that that is just a gym philosophy. There are other gyms that do put ankle weights or wrist weights on the girls to get them a little bit stronger. We utilize more of what we call plyometrics in our gym which means that we are working the range of motions of the muscles the entire skill. So right here I have Katie and she's showing how we are also working on our equipment and doing our beam toe rises. So I'm going to make sure that her body is in the correct position. She's going to hold what we call a lock position and she's holding it as long as she can and then she's going to come back down. You can also see that she's focused so it's making her balance as well as conditioning her muscles. Behind me you can see Emma. Emma is doing some of our toe touches. This helps the girls with a lot of skills on bars as well as all the events so she's trying to keep her legs straight, trying to keep her head in as she is reaching her toes and touching. If she's starting to struggle I may have her just go half way up and come back down, half way up and come back down. You can also do them in the tuck position so that her knees are coming all the way up to her belly and she's lifting her hips. So this is teaching and getting some of these core muscles a little bit stronger for her. Brittany is going to show you a nice hollow body. This is the first thing we look for before we, are prior to teaching our kids their ab conditioning. What we're looking for is that her back is nice and flat. This will help to minimize any of the strain on her lower back. So from there we'll teach them how to do a tuck up which means that she's going to bend her knees and try to get her shoulders off the ground at the same time and go all the way back to that stretched out position. Meagan is helping her achieve these positions to make sure that they're accurate. Go ahead Brittany, let's see that tuck up again. She is going to pull her shoulders and her knees. The next thing we're going to have her do is do it in pike. This is a little bit more difficult for the girls because we are asking them to keep their legs straight but Brittany is pretty strong, let's see it Brittany and she is reaching for her toes at the top of that. Now Brittany can you do that on your own? Let's see it, go ahead, let's see that pike up. There it is. Now we're going to move over. Selena is actually doing one of our conditioning drills we call the block run. She's going to be pushing this block all the way up and down our runway. This helps to use some of her muscles. Go ahead Selena, let's see as she's pushing something as well as running. She's going to push that block forward going all the way down the vault runway one way then she's going to switch to the other side and she's actually going to push the block backwards. That way we're using more of her muscles and Julie here is making sure that she doesn't run anything over on her way back. So now we're over on the other side of our gym and I have Taylor here. She's going to be running on this mat. Now this mat is really soft. Go ahead Taylor, start on running. It's really soft so it gives, so it is using her muscles a little bit more and it is very difficult to run on. You can also change it up and she can do some jumps on that mat. We tell the girls as long as they're moving, go ahead and jump, as long as they're moving they're working those muscles out. Over here on the bar I have Bren and Bren's going to show you we use this skill not only for conditioning but we also use it for a nice shoulder stretch. She's going to do what we call skin the cat. She's pulling her feet all the way through that bar, trying not to touch her feet and she's getting a nice stretch and then she's pulling them back through. We do this skill over the pit just in case she falls. We want to make sure she has a nice soft cushion. If you don't have a pit, just make sure that a coach is holding on to their wrists at all times just in case they fall. We have Summer. She's going to, we are lucky enough here at World of Gymnastics to have a rock wall so we can have the girls rock climb all the way around, they jump back in, they swim through the pit and they start all over again. This teaches them not only how to hold on with their hands so it gives their arms some strength but it's also utilizing their legs and their brains. They have to figure out how to get across without falling in but once she jumps in her conditioning is not over, climbing through all those blocks of pits is also a great conditioning. Sometimes we'll change it up and we'll have pit races with the girls so they actually race against one another.


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