How to Do Backflips on a Trampoline

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The trick to mastering backflips on a trampoline is to practice each phase of a back handspring on solid ground before putting it all together. See a backflip broken down into steps with advice from an experienced gymnastics coach in this free video on gymnastics techniques.

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Video Transcript

Hi there my name is Lisa. I'm here from World of Gymnastics in Woodstock, Georgia. We coach gymnastics. We also have cheerleading here at our campus and then there is swimming across the street so we have a family feel in our campus. We are going to show you how we teach our back handsprings on the trampoline and progress them to the floor. First off we have got Brittany. She is going to show you how we start. The first thing we look for is that the child can do an appropriate bridge so they're going to reach back with their arms, stretch, stretch, stretch. Now their shoulder alignment has to push in front of their fingertips then she is going to kick one leg over at a time and do a kick over. This is called a bridge kick over. So we look for our kids to have that. Next up is Katie. She's going to show you the back walk over. It's the same idea but it's the next progression. She's going to reach her hands back and kick one foot at a time and squeeze and still stretch in those shoulders. She is actually going to bring her feet together and land in what's called the push-up position to teach them that hollow body. Brittany is going to do a slow motion back handspring. She's going to reach her hands back just like we do in our bridge. So she is going to go ahead and reach her arms back and do her bridge and her double, we call it a bridge back double-leg jump over in our gym so she's going to reach back and she is going to jump both feet over at the same time and she's going to land in that nice hollow body push up and let's see if Katie can do one from a back walk over position. Go ahead Katie. Very good and then I am going to have Bren come up here. Bren is actually one of our gymnasts that can do her standing back handspring just on the floor. So the next progression all we teach our kids is on the floor she's going to do her standing back handspring where you'll see all those motions and fast speed and then we'll transition over to our trampoline. Now we've moved over to the back handspring. We've showed you guys how we teach the body positions but now we're going to teach you how we teach the jump. Julie is going to catch Emma. She's going to jump and show a tight arch handstand in the air. So she is going to jump up, reach her hands back for the trampoline and push her shoulders and that's our tight arch and then she's going to snap her feet over and land on her feet and that is simulating that hollow body we showed, taught you on the floor in the push up position. She's actually going to come on up and do it again a little bit quicker with Julie's two hands just on her and you're seeing the same positions. Now I'm going to have Selena come up and she's going to demonstrate the exact same thing in a nice fast position. Selena you want to come on up and show them how to do a back handspring. She's going to start sitting in a chair so she's going to pretend she's sitting in a chair. She's going to jump and we always tell her make sure your body is nice and tight and she lands her back handspring.


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