How to Do the Worm Dance


The worm dance is a popular move for people to do at parties and celebrations, and it starts with lying down on one's stomach. Find out how to lift and pop the legs to do the worm dance with help from professional hip-hop dancers and choreographers in this free video on doing the worm dance.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Zetta and I'm Bliss and we're at the Junk Yard at Hollywood, Florida. And in this clip we're going to show you how to do the Worm dance. O.k. this is a classic move that a lot of people are doing, like parties, bar mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, weddings. Now to come down, you have to actually lay down on your stomach. But sometimes, you know it's just a little tiring. But what you're going to start off, you're going to start off, your hands are completely parallel to your chest. You're going to lift up your legs and you're going to kind of pop it. You're going to pop your body up. So you're putting all your pressure on to your hands. So with me Zetta, please you're going to come up with your legs back, six, seven, a eight and pop, come down. One more time, slower, five, six, seven, eight pop, come down. O.k., and right now I'm going to show it to you in real time. And Zetta's going to show us. Now once again, you see how the form is. Her arms are right next to her and parallel with her chest. What she's going to do, is she's going to come up with her legs, o.k. in this exact form. But right now she's going to leave it down. On five, six, seven, eight pop up, boom, bring it down. There you go. Thank you very much, and that is exactly what we do with the Worm dance. As in getting going down to the worm dance, it's a little bit harder because you kind of like have to just jump in to it. I will show you that myself, where you kind of just kind of go down, and pop and then you keep it going from that point on. And that is how we do the worm dance. My name is Bliss, this is Zetta and thank you for watching.


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