How to Fish for Bass Using a Jig Lure

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Fishing for bass with a jig lure is all about fishing in the grass and brush, as opposed to fishing on the bottom of the water. Learn about the brush guards that exist on some jig lures with help from a professional bass fisherman in this free video on fishing for bass with jig lures.

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Video Transcript

Now this style of jig, this is more of a casting or flipping style jig head. The eyes turn so it is running the same as the hook. It's got a very narrow on the head and it is made to come through the grass and the brush better so this is the style of head that would be very good to you know throw in the trees and the branches and the grass. You really don't want to be doing this on a bottom where you are dragging it because what will happen is it rolls over on its side very easy just like that and then that causes the hook to get caught and the same thing. It's made to put a piece of pork on the back or a nice trailer like a Yamamoto flapping hog. You have got a brush guard on both of these so when you are going through the brush it helps protect it. The other style of jig heads we've got is that when you hear of guys fishing with jigs especially like if they are Walleye fishing or using a grub or something like that is this is just a standard round ball jig. Round balls you can rig them with a lot of different things, a lot of different options. You can rig them weedless, you can rig them hook exposed. You can put all different kinds of baits on them. We can put you know you can even put what they call a Shaky head jig which is very similar to this round ball, maybe the hook might be a little bit different and you can put a lot of basic plastics. This is Yamamoto Craw, very small little compact bait. You can put as we were talking with the skirted jig you can put the flapping hog on these things but it's just something to give you something real small, real basic, really good to use for the kids just they can cast it forever. It is not a complicated thing, just cast it out there, drag it, you hop it, as you are hopping it it is going up and it is coming down, very basic. This is a Yamamoto Shad shaped warm and what you'll want to do is make sure when you rig this that you bring the, we have talked about a lighter side on the belly so you want to always make sure your light side is everything in nature in the water has a dark side that is exposed to the sun and a light side that is exposed to the ground and so as they swim you want to keep the light side down is the way it has typically gone so you'll want to push this up over the collar and then just turn it around right here and to make it weedless do the same thing as we were doing with the worm you just put the hook back, see how far back it is going to go, bring the hook out, poke it right back up through the top and just kind of keep it so it is maybe just barely poking out on the top of the bait but you can just go ahead and just go and swim that thing, you can just go ahead and swim that thing through the water and you can swim it through the grass and everything and it is going to come through the grass and not get hung up on the sticks and the branches very good again for the kids.


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