How to Tell if You Have Bedbugs

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Bedbugs usually cause blemishes all over the body, and digging deep into a mattress will often reveal bedbugs or the fecal matter they leave behind. Discover how bedbugs hide in cracks and crevices of headboards with help from a pest control company in this free video on identifying bedbugs.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Pete with GreenHouse Pest Management. We are Atlanta's true, natural pest control company. One way to tell that you have Bedbugs, is by waking up and understanding that you're seeing it, you actually have blemishes all over your body, bites all over your body, that happen and occur throughout the night. The other way is to really dig deep into the mattress itself and look at, and looking for evidence of Bedbugs. Evidence of Bedbugs is going to consider, be consist of like fecal matter from the Bedbugs and also blood crystals that they actually leave behind. One way that you can tell that it's active is by using your sheets, okay, sometimes when your asleep and they're biting in, and you randomly roll over and crush one, it'll definitely start leaving blood spots all over your, your fabric. The other thing is really digging deep more into the mattress. Going through the seams and looking and seeing if anything collects around, around these areas of the mattress. Also it goes into the headboard, look in the, the cracks, the crevices, places where Bedbugs are going to harvest and collect and mate and reproduce. But lifting your mattress up, getting into your box springs. Other key things, is looking at your curtains, your fabric curtains, looking at your, your lampshades. Also going in and taking a flat head screwdriver and digging it in between your carpet and your baseboards and seeing if you're pulling any kind of larvae or any kind of dead Bedbugs that are in there. Good things is, bring a magnifying glass, a flashlight's always a good key, you would definitely find exoskeletons, things that they shed from their outer bodies, along those edges as well.


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