How to Use a Digital Guitar Tuner

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A digital tuner will typically have a needle-style indicator that will point to the center when the string is in tune with the selected note. Find out how sharps and flats are indicated on digital guitar tuners with help from a guitar repairman in this free video on using a digital guitar tuner.

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Video Transcript

Hello everybody, I am Jake Sharp with Sharp Guitar Works. Right now we are just going to talk to you about how to use a digital tuner. After you tune the guitar, now we are going to pull it up. The first note on the low sixth string is E, and as you can see on the tuner you have just got to follow the needle. I don't know if you can see that on the camera. Fifth string second lowest goes up to A. Fourth string up to D. Third string up to G. Second string is B. And go with your high E, your first string, same note as the sixth string, but an octave higher, two octaves higher. If it will pick it up. Then you usually want to go back, and start tuning one more time, because the strings will slack off. So essentially you go through the whole process twice. So basically, this is a digital tuner with a needle style indicator, and you just hit the note. And you watch the needle until it hits right in the center, which gives you a four forty reading, which is the standard tuning for A, an A is a reference. And you have just got to follow as you go down from lower. Go up in pitch, and watch the needle until it hits the center, and two small arrows on either side flash that you are even, that you are there. As we see there, that is your low E centered right in the middle. The two arrows on either side tell you that you are there. That's your A, it is a little flat. And this is your D this is coming from flat, so like if that is coming from flat you are going to go up sharp until there we are that is D. There is your G, second string B a little flat, E is a little sharp. Sharp means higher in pitch, flat means lower in pitch.


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