How to Take Out a Nose Ring

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When taking out a nose ring, be sure to apply a bit of lubrication, such as lotion or cream, at the base of the jewelry to help it slide out easily. Find out how to gently remove a nose ring with helpful information from an experienced piercer in this free video on body jewelry.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Noel Garcia, the owner of New Age Body Piercing in Coconut Grove, Miami. In this clip I'm going to show you how to take out a nose ring. A nose ring is pretty much the same idea as the nostril screw. It is just a different look to it, it sticks out of your face and you need to be a little bit more careful with it with brushing your hair, especially young girls, cleaning your nose, getting hair, getting caught up on different stuff. It is always good to always always for any kind of piercing use some kind of lubrication in the bottom of the piercing just to keep it moist that way when it slides out it is going to be nice and smooth and you are not going to hurt yourself so always hold it, jerk it a little bit right here that way it comes out softly, hold your nose, pick it up and slide it down very nicely. If you cannot do this on your own and you have problems doing it on your own which is just a little bit tricky the first few times if you are not used to it is always go see a professional so it is best to go to an all body piercing studio. If you don't have one then your next step would be a tattoo shop that does body piercing. This kind of stuff should be provided for free. It is no big deal. It is just one second if they are professional enough to show you how to remove or put in a ring. It takes a second. If you listen very carefully, once you get it you you'll be able to put in a nose ring by yourself, a nostril screw by yourself. You'll be able to clean that screw very easily, take it out whenever you need to, school, job that kind of stuff. So once again always keep some kind of cream, lubrication in around the piercing, taking it out, putting it out same deal and very easily once again with a little bit of cream right here you are going to slide it in the nose, find the hole and we're going to place it on top. There is always going to be a little bit of a scratch with blood but it is no big deal. That stuff heals really fast and this has been how to actually remove a nose ring.


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