Removing Lime From Water

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Water softening is the process that is used in order to remove lime from water, and it involves running a salt brine solution over resin beads. Discover how magnesium and calcium are removed from water with help from a master plumber in this free video on water softening.

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Video Transcript

If you need to remove lime from your water, it's also considered calcium or magnesium, all these things are considered the same thing, this is the process of water softening that we've come to as we go through this. The hard water that we have here in Arizona particularly, it's limed up with the calcium and magnesium so there's two things that really make the water very hard and it deposits this white powder residue inside your plumbing which could actually plug plumbing up and also on your faucets which can make them not functional so well. To remove that, what we go through is a process called water softening and softening water what we do is we run a salt brine solution over some resin beads and what it does is it creates an electrical happening that takes basically the hardness, the magnesium and the calcium out of the water. Basically it makes the water to where it doesn't leave all these deposits all over your glasses and all over your dishwasher and all over the things that you have in your house that use water. So, it's a process that it's actually very necessary in this state and in places where there's hard water for you to do.


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