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Easy moves in break dancing start with top rock basics, such as stepping out with the right foot, crossing the arms, crossing the left foot in front and opening the arms. Find out how to add flair to easy break dancing moves with help from a dancing instructor and entertainer in this free video on break dancing moves.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is CJ Kendricks, Gotta Dance Atlanta's resident rock star and front man for CJ and the Chronics here to teach you some easy breakdancing moves. I'm sure you've wanted to do some of the moves you've seen in the videos or on the movies, you know, out at the clubs when you're going out to dance. I'm going to show you that. What we're going to start with is some top rock basics. What that means is how breakdancers, how b-boys dance, how they move on two feet standing up. First thing you're going to do is take your right foot and step out. As you do this, you're going to cross your arms. When you take your next step, your left is going to cross in front, you're going to open your arms. Open it up. Then take it back, take the left back and cross your arms again. Once again, take the right across in front and open it up. Right, open, left, open. Right, open, left, open. It's that simple. Now here I want to focus on the different angle cause I want you to see exactly what your hips are doing, OK? As you take this first step to your right here there's a shift in your hips just to get your momentum going, OK? Once you uncross your arms as you open up you want to push your hips forward as you take that step to the left, boom, OK? Same thing, you're going to bring it back, there's a hip shift. You're shifting back. And then as you step across to the right, boom, you shift forward again. OK, right, shift, boom, shift. You can also add a little bit of a lean back with it. Give it some gansta, know what I mean? And there you have it. Alright, so now that I've shown you how to do that move, you're going to get a chance to see the move in action shown here to Robin Thick featuring 'Lil Wayne All Night Long. Check it out. And now you know how to top rock. This is CJ with Gotta Dance Atlanta saying peace.


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