What are Electrons?


The electrons of an atom represent the energy levels, and there are usually as many protons as there are electrons. Understand how each level carries a prescribed number of electrons with important facts from a science teacher in this free video on fundamental physics.

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Video Transcript

Now, let s further dove in to an electron clouds. As these guys never enter into the nucleus, they just keep the atom literally hopping. Now, an electron cloud consists of energy levels of an atom. There are seven in total. The energy levels of a cloud for instance, the first level holds two electrons, in this case there is only one electron because this is a hydrogen atom. And there is only one proton, one neutron and then one electron. Now, if it was going to become another element for instance, helium it would have two protons, two electrons and most likely two neutrons. Now, the second level can hold up to eight electrons, the third energy level can hold up to eighteen electrons. And the fourth level can hold up to thirty two electrons theoretically. And the fifth level fifty electrons. The sixth level seventy two electrons and then the very seventh level ninety eight electrons theoretically. Now, remember if you have ninety eight electrons that mean inside the nucleus, you have ninety eight protons and you would have an atomic number of ninety eight. So, you kind of see how the atomic number fits in with the amount of protons, and the amount of electrons. So, think about that. When you see that thing whizzing around, and all those pictures you see in sort of cartoons and things like that usually that's an atom, and what you are looking at are the energy levels and there is some very strict rules for these energy levels.


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