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The model of an atom illustrates the nucleus, the protons, the neutrons and the electrons as they would appear through and electron microscope. See what an atom looks like in three dimensions with important facts from a science teacher in this free video on fundamental physics.

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Video Transcript

Now remember under an election microscope you would find this whole little world going on. So, how would you make a model of an atom? Well I've got one right here. These are the inter-workings of an atom. For instance, a lithium atom right here. There are protons. You can see the atomic number is three. So that mean that there's three protons within the nucleus. That is the center of the atom. You can see that they're represented by the yellow little bubbles of clay. Roll them up and put them together. This is a positive charge. Now, what you?re going to get also is the neutrons which also exist within the nucleus. There are three of them. There could be more or less. In this case we'll use three. Now the next thing your going to have are the electrons, which hang out in the electron cloud. There are three of them. You can see that this is a balanced atom. How did I make it? I used toothpicks. I used different colored clay. It looks like a little spaceship. But it's definitely a model of a lithium atom. It's amazing to think that you can only see this with an electron microscope.


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