Atomic Symbols


Atomic symbols consist of a letter abbreviation for the element and coordinating numbers. Identify elemental symbols with important facts from a science teacher in this free video on fundamental physics.

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Video Transcript

Now let's further get into the periodic elements and let's talk about the atomic symbols. Capital H is for hydrogen. Hydrogen peroxide, you use it around your house. Capital H and lower case e, He, helium. Very simply a helium balloon. Remember when you blow a helium balloon and you can let out the helium into your lungs. All of a sudden you have a different voice. For instance, scientists the world over know these symbols regardless of what language they speak. Sodium, capital N and lower case a, Na. Sodium doesn't start with Na for us. So you obviously know that was probably a scientist that was from a different country. Now let's look at the properties and the atomic numbers. You have your liquids. You have your solids. You have your gases. Another known interesting thing is you also have substances that were made in a lab. At least, everything from a to z, is going to be a combination of all living things and non-living things comes from this. If you wanted to put a combination together, you could easily do that. Again, the simplest one I can tell you is H2O. Two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen and billions and billions of atoms later makes you a glass of water. That's how simple it is.


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