Transfer of Matter

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The transfer of matter refers to the changing states of matter, such as evaporation and condensation. Find out how matter can completely change and move with important facts from a science teacher in this free video on fundamental physics.

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Video Transcript

Now, how easy is it to concern or confuse an extraordinary phenomenon with something so basic as cleaning up. I mean the water cycle does clean up, it recycles. Now, I remember being a kid in kindergarten and it was nap time and I was peeking out of the window, Mrs. Reese my teacher always lets us go out for playtime, but we have to have nap time. Its starts to rain, and of course all the kids start to get bumped down. But being a typical California day all of the sudden the sun comes out and I was so excited. But, then I noticed these big puddles on the black top out there and I started saying, god it?s going to be fun to go out there. Well, one and a half hour comes by later I go out to the black top and all of the puddles are gone. And thinking, darn Mrs. Reese and this is when it started getting bad and when I started thinking about teachers plotting against students, Mrs. Reese, called Mr. Whitfield which was our janitor and had him mop up those puddles. You know in actuality for fact it was a form of evaporation taking place. And I guess I first was introduced to science at a very, very early age noticing that just an ordinary thing like rain puddles disappearing. Well, now you have the explanation of how matter easily transfers from one physical state to another, but it still stays the same.


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