Solids, Liquids & Gases

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The first three states of matter, solid, liquid and gas, can be illustrated by an ice cube, a solid, that melts into water, a liquid, and evaporates into the air, a gas. Understand the movement of atoms and molecules with important facts from a science teacher in this free video on fundamental physics.

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Video Transcript

"The best way to explain the first three stages of matter is to talk about an ordinary ice cube. An ice cube is a solid; you can't stick your finger through it. This is when the Atoms are compacted tightly together, but when the ice cube melts it becomes a liquid and this is when the atoms are spaced further apart and the object takes the only shape that it's contained in, and in this case it's a cup. This is when the Intermolecular bonds start to break down. So in this case the liquid is obviously called water. The atoms linked are Hydrogen and Oxygen. Get it? H2O, two parts of Hydrogen, one part of Oxygen, which is from our Periodic Table that were going to get to. These are all down to the bones of Atoms. When the water evaporates, obviously, it becomes gas."


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