How to Use a Belly Band for a Dog

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A belly band keeps a male dog from marking its territory or having accidents in the house, as it is a fabric strip that wraps around the dog's midsection and is lined with an absorbent material. Consider house training a male dog using a belly band with helpful tips from an experienced dog trainer in this free video on canine accessories.

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Video Transcript

How to use a belly band. First of all, what is a belly band? A belly band is a way to stop a male dog from marking. It's a clever device, it's usually just a flat strip of fabric with Velcro on it, that you can put a pantie liner in. Just a regular women's disposable pantie liner is fine, or some other absorbent material will work, and it just wraps right around the waist of the dog, just in front of the hips making sure to capture the penis. And then, do check it on a regular basis to make sure that the urine is, that there's not urine in there that's trapped against the skin as this may cause a burn on the skin. So, let's take a look on Joe here, how to actually apply a belly band. You take this rectangle fabric and separate the Velcro, wrap it around the dog at the mid section. Make it pretty snug, and attach the Velcro, and there you are, voila, you have the belly band. And so, most dogs don't find this to be anything worth messing with, so it's a really great way to go ahead and capture any of those accidents that might happen when you have a male dog around. The sanitary pad or the pantie liner would actually be placed inside of this strip of fabric, right underneath the penis so any urine would be absorbed in there.


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