How to Kill Farrow Ants

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Farrow ants can be a nuisance because they come in large numbers, but these should not be treated by spraying counters or windows. Find out how to eliminate the source of farrow ants outside a home to eliminate an indoor problem with help from a pest control company in this free video on killing farrow ants.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Pete with Greenhouse Pest Management, we are Atlanta's true natural pest control company. Farrow ants are a nuisance. They invade our kitchens, and when the invade they send millions. The thing with them is that they are actually really easy to treat if you can find the actual issues. One thing that we have found is we found a nice little ant trail that is actually coming up into the siding over here. So one thing that you need to do as far as the treatment is locate the actual nest. Sometimes you will them in between actual sidings, sometimes you will see them in between floors, because they do use our structures for incubation reasons to sit there, and move their eggs over to another heated locations to sit there, and develop an army. So one thing to do is the best way to do it is to don't spray your countertops, don't spray your windows. Go outside, find the source eliminate them that way. The best ways to do it is to go ahead and use an actual residual product once again once you find the nest, and douse them with the our organic material. Ants are very structured so they are going to actually form a nice line that is going to help us lead them to them. So I am hoping that there is actually an ant nest right here. So we are going to pull all this debris back, and they have got pine straw, and they have got mulch, and you see that here is the nest right over here. Look at that nice little nest. So what we are going to do is we are going to take an actual residual spray, and we are going to actually spray them. Now that is not all, because you want to go ahead and coat every inch of the actual pine straw and mulch that is here. Farrow ants are really lazy so they are going to actually use structures, man-made structures, organic structures to actual develop their nest. That is what makes them so hard to treat. So we are going to go start moving some of these rocks see if we can find any kind of ant nest anywhere. So we have got the workers, the larvae, the pupae these are the things that are actually invade the home. Look at these, look at this army.


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