How to Replace a Carbon Filter in a Fish Tank

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In order to change the carbon in an aquarium filter, it's important to know if the filtration system is a power filter, canister filter or a wet/dry filter. Learn about replacing cartridges on power filters with help from the owner of a pet fish store in this free video on fish tanks and carbon filters.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Eric with The World of Wet Pets Tropical Fish in Portland, Oregon, and I'm here to explain how to change the carbon in an aquarium filter. Now aquariums tend to have many different types of filtration available, power filters, canister filters, wet/dry filters so carbon can be put in a lot of different places in a lot of different formats. Many of the power filters use a small cartridge that has carbon already built in so it's just a matter of replacing the cartridges just make certain you get the appropriate cartridge for the appropriate filter. There are many many styles. Canister filters generally use a pouch of carbon, usually sized to the appropriate canister filter, o'kay? There are other types of filter carbons. This is a pad that actually has carbon sprayed on it so it can be used as a filter pad as well as a carbon insert. These can be used in just about any kind of filter as additional carbon, additional filtration. Also in situations where you have large wet/dry filters where you just want to have a large pad, and a large amount of carbon these kinds of pads are available as well. Finally if you're just trying to get more carbon into the existing filtration carbon does come bulk and loose and there are many many different small drawstring bags in many sizes. This is a little 3 X 8 inch bag. They come in a lot of different sizes above that where you can put these in your filtration so there is a lot of different ways of changing carbon and putting more carbon into aquariums. The reason carbons are important in aquariums is they are a chemical filter. They remove a lot of pollutants, toxins and other chemicals that we generally don't want to have in aquariums. Not all aquariums use carbon, in some cases carbon can pull out things that we want to keep in aquariums so it's kind of a case by case basis.


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