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A SIM card is a small chip that stores subscriber information, so this card can be inserted into almost any phone to bring up an individual's account information. Find out how to use a SIM card in another person's phone with help from a digital media specialist in this free video on using SIM cards.

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Hey, it's Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert here, talking about SIM chips. What are they and how do you use them? Well, let's first off by talking about what a SIM chip is. It's this little guy here. It used to be the size of a credit card, now they're itty bitty little things and on it actually a small chip, little brass chip and it stores information. It stores your subscriber information. In fact the SIM stands for subscriber identity module and all you need to know is it's a portable memory chip that stores the information about you as a cellphone user. It's made up of a code, first three digits of the code is the country code of origin, second two are the system carrier origin so AT&T, Verizon, they've got their own, their own ID and then the last seven is your unique user card and that's how they can attribute everything to your bill. That's more important! And track your phones and different things there. It becomes very handy because if you want to change headsets, handsets rather, all you have to do is pull this out and slip it into a new phone. By doing that, most of your contacts and personal settings will go with it which makes it easy to use. Now, here's an interesting trick. Let's say your phone is dead and you've gotta make an important phone call and that person's phone number is stored in your contacts. Well, one thing that you can do even if your contacts aren't stored in there is you can borrow your buddy's phone insert the SIM chip, the carrier will think it's your phone and it will not count against his minutes and if they're compatible enough their contacts will come up and you can do the direct dial. But if you're not having phone, your buddy has a phone and still use with this minutes, you need to make a call, great way to do it. Another good example is if you're always shoppin' for a good deal on good deal on carrier service and you got an expensive phone, I was going to say like the iPhone but you really can't legally jump carriers but you've got some of your better smart phones, you can just simply take this out and slip it in. All your information will go along with it. So, really the best and the only way to use this is by removing it and putting it back in. Now, as an idea people will go the entire life of their phone and sometimes their entire their entire life if you will as a client of a particular carrier without touching or messing with the SIM card. But if you need to, let me show you how you do it. While this phone is going to be a little bit different, all of them are kind of follow the same installation procedure. Definitely check with your owner's manual or on line for your particular model. This Samsung here follows like most average ones where you just pop the back cover off sometimes can be a little tricky, those of you who drop your phone know that well, popping it off that way is pretty easy but not recommendable. And we're going to see here the battery pack. Now, most of the time it's hidden behind the battery pack but in this case here it's not but the battery pack must be removed in order to remove the SIM card. That's a good idea because well, you don't want to be powered up and useful when you take out its brain so we're just going to simply remove the battery pack here just by prying it with our finger gently and putting it aside. Now, this is where the SIM card loads up here and all we're going to do at this point is just put our finger on it and just pull down gently until she pops out. Okay? You never want to push a force any of this small pieces of electronics it's not advisable. Now, we have our new SIM card and we're just going to reinstall. Also, SIM card is most likely going to have a little nitch or notch at the top here and that's going to guide you the right way to go back into it. So, here we're just going to simply to install this one again or a new one we're simply just going to flip it up into place, get it to fit nice and snug, again and not applying too much pressure. I got our battery pack, making sure that the contacts meet where they're supposed to, starting in the edge that it's supposed to, oop, we can actually do that up and top there, again, not pushing very hard and then winding it up, just below and doing a simple click. So, as you see dealing with a SIM card is pretty easy to do. All your information on a tiny chip just like we knew it would be. I'm Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert sayin' stream you later!


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