How to Wrap Foil Around a Roasting Turkey

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While a turkey is roasting, wrapping foil around the wings and the thighs keeps them from cooking too quickly and drying out. Make sure a turkey cooks as evenly as possible with cooking advice from an experienced cook in this free video on holiday recipes.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Diane Weisman and on behalf of Expert Village, we are going to show you how to make the ultimate holiday turkey. Now we have opened the oven. Taking the turkey out. And we are going to lower the temperature to 325 degrees. We are going to roast the turkey for three and a half hours longer. And we are going to baste it every thirty minutes and we will rotate a few times. Until the thermometer inserted in the inner thigh, registers165 degrees. We are adding one carrot chopped coarsely, one rib of celery chopped coarsely, one medium onion and we are putting it at the bottom of the pan with the stock. It's going to soak up the juices. We are going to be basting the turkey with the stock in the bottom of the pan. I'm going to take the thermometer and I'm going to stick it in between the breast and the thigh, go all the way in. And the proper temperature is 165 degrees for the stuffing and 185 for the turkey. So what we are also going to do is Diane likes to cover the parts that are browning at the beginning with foil. So we cover, the wings cook earlier and the legs cook a little earlier. We cover up the legs. We check them. And what we are going to do in this case, since we are going to brown it with a glaze later on, we are going to put a little aluminum foil over the middle of the turkey too, so it doesn't get brown. And we will probably take the aluminum foil off on the front on the top of the breast, about a half hour before we start to glaze. It's turkey sunscreen. Turkey sunscreen. Ok, so, Diane is now going to put the aluminum foil on the turkey. And we will take that off probably the last half hour before we put the glaze on. And now our wings, our legs and the top of the turkey are protected. Like sunscreen. It will be nice moist and humid in there from the chicken broth inside the pan and the vegetable so it won't be dry. Ok have a nice trip. Bye.


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