How to Deal a Game of Euchre

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When dealing a game of euchre, always offer the cards for a cut and make sure to never deal from the bottom of the deck. Discover why euchre players should wait until their hand has been dealt in its entirety before picking it up with help from the author of five card games books in this free video on dealing a game of euchre.

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Video Transcript

Quick review of the deal, we talked about the deal before in the rules. Again, if you're playing in the U.S. you might encounter some groups that are just used to playing this. This is the standard U.S. deal. You shuffle the cards, always offer the cards for a cut, and always make sure that the opponents offer to you for a cut because otherwise you're going to get people that do this, they're going to say, that's a jack, I like that, right, and they're going to know that card's on the bottom, now if they can deal bottoms that's even worse, this is not a session about cheating, but the thing is that if they have any information, even if they know it's a queen, they know that there's a heart on the bottom, that's an advantage, might make a difference in the play of the hand. Always offer the cards for a cut. Now if you're in the U.S. then the standard deal is two, three, two, three, then three, two, three, two. That's the way it's done. I don't know where that came from. I couldn't find it in any research, but it's just the way it's always done or we've always done it that way. Sounds like a good old corporate excuse, always done it that way. That's the way that people like to do and then you'll turn the up card. In Canada, they like to do it one at a time. I like to do one at a time because the mix is better. So if we're going to go one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, of course making sure that you've offered the cards for a cut and all you do is deal out the five cards. You should know that there's four left. Tell people don't pick up your hand until you make sure there's four here because nothing is more aggravating to pick up a killer hand and the dealer misdealt and then get all upset about it. So then you just turn this card over and there's really nothing much to do about it, that's it, we're not talking anymore in this particular clip other than the deal, turn the top card over, and get ready to, oh God that's dark. Whatever, so that's it, deal, turn, deal, turn, and so forth and if the deal passes, they'll do the same thing.


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