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Euchre is a card game in which everyone tries to get as many tricks as possible, and the standard scoring system has that 10 points equal a game. Find out how to earn one, two or four points in a hand in euchre with help from the author of five card games books in this free video on scoring in the game of euchre.

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Video Transcript

Scoring in Euchre, although Euchre is primarily a trick taking game, well actually is a trick taking game, it is a bidding game and it's a game where you obviously try to get as many as you can whether you're playing offense or whether you're playing defense. Now, the standard scoring unit in Euchre is ten points equals game. Now there are only three denominations, I think that's the right word, but it sounds right, of points possible in Euchre. You can earn one point in a hand, you can earn two points in a hand, and you can earn four points in a hand. Now how do you get a point? How do you get two points? How do you get four points? Well, the most important thing to remember in Euchre, the basic, and then there's additional bonuses. In order to win a point you must get a minimum of three out of five tricks. There are always five tricks in play. You have to get three tricks. If you name the trump and you take three tricks you get one point. It doesn't matter if you take four tricks. You have to take at least three. If you take all the tricks you get two points. You sweep, you march, and you get two points. If you are the defender, and let's just say that this person over here has ordered hearts and you're defending and your side takes three tricks, you get a bonus of two points and that's called a Euchre. I don't know why Euchre is reserved for setting a call, but I didn't invent the game so I don't know. That's the way it is. If you set the opponent's contract like in Spades, the difference is that you take two points. Now how do you get these big fat juicy four points? Well, the only way you get four points, remember I said Euchre was a partner's game, however, at any point in time, whoever names the trump can declare that I'm going alone. In other words, they're going to play it by themselves without the help of partner. That makes the task a little more difficult because they don't have the supporting aces and kings in the off suits and they may not have a killer trump suit, but if they declare a loner or a lone and they take all the tricks, they take all five, they get a reward of four points. That's a lot of points because it's a ten point game. So keep in mind that that's the way the scoring system works. Three out of five tricks, key element, getting a loner, key element, game ends when somebody reaches ten.


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