Capoeira Training

Training in capoeira is filled with cardio exercises, running, ab workouts and stretching. Understand what it takes to train in this special art form with helpful tips from a martial arts instructor in this free video on capoeira.

Part of the Video Series: Capoeira Techniques

Video Transcript

Hello my name is Cavalo with Capoeira Maculele, Miami. Capoeira training is, especially in our academy; it's a little, it's a little intense; okay. It's a little intense; obviously there's different levels for for, for you know, for people that have been in there longer; people that just started; people that have been in there for ten years. When you first get into class and it's your first class, a lot of people like I said before, they believe it's, it's it's a little intense to do a lot cardio; we do a lot of running; we do a lot of, you know, abs; physical training; stretching while at the same time practicing the the basic movements and you know, everything that that, that goes into, that goes into the art. A lot of times you, we use different forms of kicks; whether it would be on the floor, standing up, aerials; things like that and then at the same people don't; a lot of, a lot of people to seek up but we don't realize it, we also use our hands, we also use our elbows, knees, head; everything; knee cap, where everything goes and everything counts.


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