What Is the Subject of a Sentence?

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The subject of a sentence is the person or thing that is doing the action. Find the subject in a few example sentences with help from a certified tutor in this free video on grammar and the English language.

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Video Transcript

What is the subject of a sentence? Hi, I'm Paige Carrera. Happy writing. It's pretty easy to determine the subject of a sentence by simply asking the question, who's doing the action. let's take a look here. We've got examples of subjects and there's a couple of them that you need to understand. There's actually three. This first one's pretty easy. Anthony is a big boy. And this is a simple subject, pretty much just one person in the sentence doing the action and it's Anthony. This particular example here is what we call the subject that is understood. If you just have the sentence here alone, Get out of here! You know that as an understood subject, you, is implied. It's understood. It's not actually written out loud or said out loud, but it's understood that, you is is the person you're talking about when you're saying, (you) Get out of here! It's just silent. Now another third example of a simple subject can also be in the form of a phrase. What he couldn't remember could kill him. And event though we have he here, which is the subject, in this particular instance it's set up as a phrase. What he couldn't remember, is actually our simple subject here that acts as an understood subject. Now this entire phrase here is going to be our subject because it's expressing what could kill him. Hope this helps. I'm Paige Carrera. Happy writing.


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