How to Help Your Child Learn Study Skills

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Important steps to helping a child learn study skills are: avoiding the distinction between work and fun, teaching basic research skills such as mapping and note-taking and encouraging them to really think about what they are learning. Teach a child study skills with the education tips in this free video on writing and study skills from a professional playwright.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Laura from the and I'd like to talk about how to help your child learn study skills. One of the important things that I would like to encourage parents to do is to not make such a big distinction between work and fun. If you enjoy gardening really let your child see that you take the time and put work in to something that you really enjoy. You roll up you sleeves and you get out there and do it and you enjoy it. Another thing that is really important is how you talk about work and studying. Using a phrase like lets get your work out of the way so we can have fun really sets it up as work being very negative and something just dreadgerous. In some cases it might be but it's better if you can help your child to not have this strong relationship between things that they don't want to do and studying. Another more practical and hands on way to help you child improve their study skills is using tools to gather information while reading. A couple approaches you can use to help your child while study reading and one of them is mapping. So when your child is writing to learn they can create a map of information that's almost like a web. The primary fact is connected to another fact. By using this drawing and writing technique they can gather other information while reading. Making it much more hands on then just reading through a text. A third technique that I think is really important is note taking. Taking good notes is a really important skill that will serve your child though out their life. Encourage your child to paraphrase what they've learned and written in their notes. Writing a statement or idea about what their taking notes about in a way that helps them to engage their brain. Really thinking about what their learning rather than just copying down information on the board. They can also write a question, a thought that comes to them. Maybe a question that comes to them that they want to ask later about this topic in their notes. So those are three techniques that your can use to help your child improve study skills.


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