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When starting a coin collection, choose the type of coins desired, do research on coins and complete a series of coins before moving on to the next series. Start a coin collection and stay organized with tips from the owner of an antique store in this free video on coin collecting.

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Coin collecting is considered the perfect hobby. Why? It gives you the excitement of the search. It gives you the opportunity to own a little bit of history and it may also give you a little bit of profit and everybody likes that. Hi I'm Rui and we are going to be talking about how to start your own coin collection. Here are a few tips when it comes to starting a coin collection. First choose the type of coin collection that you want to build, what nationality, what type of coin, what type of metal, gold silver, age, frame, you want to look at if you are looking for something of the 19th century, 20th century, so make sure you understand what type of coin you want to start collecting. The second is before you start buying learn as much as you can about the coins. You can do research on line to buying coin collecting magazines, coin blue book value books, antiques collectible reference books that can give you a bunch of information about these coins. Next once you have chosen that collection make sure that you complete that series of coins before you move on to the next. It makes it easier that way to organize your coin collection and pretty much know what you have when you are out there collecting coins. Try and stick with metals that will rise in value like gold and silver. That is always a good step. Make sure that you check your local newspaper. Once you are looking to purchase these coins look in the classifieds, look on line and you'll be able to find coins, especially highly sought after coins sometimes in the most common looked areas. Go to antique auctions, go to antique shows, go to coin shows. Every major antique show has two or three quality coin dealers there and they usually have things especially at antique shows at fairly good prices for serious collectors and lastly make sure that you know how to display your coin. Make sure you take care of them properly by encasing them properly and if you are collecting them for your own personal use make sure that you have a good display area at your home for them. Most coin collections when you begin will look like this. These are two sets of identical types of coins. They are complete sets of 1974 coins starting with the dollar, ranging all the way through to the penny. A complete set, they are both proof which means they are both highly shined, highly collectible. They are encased in plastic. Now this is how you would buy them to begin your coin collection but make sure that if you plan on keeping these coins for a long period of time you take them out of the plastic using very soft clean cloth and transfer them into a casing that is made of an ounce of free paper or a wax type plastic to protect the coins for the long run. Again I'm Rui and good luck collecting.


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