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When teaching reading to a child, start with a book the child can read fluently, keep the experience fun, ask the child questions about the story, move on to a more difficult book and talk about the cover, author and pictures inside. Improve a child's vocabulary through reading strategies with tips from an experienced teacher in this free video on education.

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Hi, my name is Sandy Springer. I've been a teacher for fourteen years. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. I have a Master's Degree, in English as a second language, and I am certified to teach Spanish, to grades K-12. Today, I'm going to talk to you about how to teach reading to your child. The first step, would be to take a book that you know that your child can read fluently, without any problems, without a struggle. Reading should be fun, and you want to set your child up for success. Have the child tell you about the story, and read it to you, maybe talk about it a little bit, ask questions. Then, choose a book that is a little bit more difficult. Always start out by looking at the cover of the book. Talk about the title, the picture, who the author is. Take a picture walk through the book. A picture walk, is just going page through page, without reading a word. Talk about what you think is going to happen, predict the story. Next, I would introduce some vocabulary, words that you know your child is probably going to struggle with. Introduce those first. Then, have the child start reading. If they come upon a word that they don't know, try using some reading strategies. They can either skip the word, and read to the end of the sentence. They can look at the first letter, and form the sound. They can try to figure it out, just from the context. As a last resort, you can tell them the word. We don't want the child to struggle, or suffer, but we would like for them to be challenged, and to try to figure out the word, to the best of their ability. Reading is a fabulous, wonderfully fun activity, that everybody should do, and should enjoy doing, and I suggest that you do it often with your child. He or she and you, will be very, very happy. I'm Sandy Springer, and I just talked to you about how to teach your child to read.


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