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Writing an MLA reference page begins with titling it Works Cited, and is formated by listing primary and secondary sources in alphabetical order. Write an MLA reference page with tips from a produced playwright in this free video on writing.

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Video Transcript

This is Laura Turner and today I'm going to teach you about making an MLA reference page. It's probably one of the most important things that you are going to learn how to do because you are going to be doing it over and over again if you are writing scholarly papers. So first of all what you are going to do is you are actually going to title your page as a work cited page. Or a literature consulted or a works consulted, it varies depending on what you would like to write. And then you are going to go ahead and list your references or the works both primary and secondary so journals and books themselves that you have referenced in your paper. So just list them alphabetically and after you've listed the name of the author, last name followed by first name, you are going to list the book, from which this author wrote and then the publishing information so for example, Boston and New York Bedford Books/ St. Martins. So you are not only going to list the publisher, you are also going to list the city in which it was, which it came from. And then you are also going to list the most recent publishing date. Out to the side with a comma. So for example, if we are looking at the Sound and the Fury and we have all these dates here, nineteen eighty four, nineteen eighty seven all the way back to nineteen twenty nine. You are actually going to list nineteen ninety four as a date for this book, even though it was first published in nineteen twenty nine. And also this particularly book you are going to be able to find all of your information like for example, the publisher Norton and Company and then you are going to have two different cities that you can list either New York or London. Some professors prefer you to list a particular one out of those, just list the one you feel most comfortable with, in my opinion. There are so many different ways to make a work cited page in MLA format. Your professor might tell you that you are going to be doing it in MLA formatted page, but they might give you their own reference guide on how they will like you to format it. So make sure that you check with your professor and get their ideas on what they think the work cited page should look like, because a lot of times you will find a professor, many professors will say I want it in MLA but I would like it to look like this. And it's actually not MLA form. And if fact what I've given you here some of it people might disagree with and say well that's not real MLA form. Just make sure you are doing whatever your particular professor wants.


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