How to Write a Job Description

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To write a job description, draw in potential applicants by making the job seem interesting, making the job seem challenging and listing all the prerequisites. Write a job description with tips from a produced playwright in this free video on writing.

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Video Transcript

Hi! This is Laura Turner. And today, we're going to be talking about how to write a job description. Now, so you have a job that you need to get done. And you want the best people possible to do it. So here are some things and that I think are most important, when people are looking at your job. To see if they want to apply or not. First, make the job seem interesting. Draw them in and make it feel to them. As though, they're going to get something out doing your job, for you. Number two, make the job seem challenging. If you want the best people to come into your job. You should make it seem, as though they're really going to work for the money. That they're going to get for it. And so therefore, they'll get good people. As opposed to people who just want something to do. Number three, list all the prerequisites of the job. For example, if you need people who have lots of education. Or if you need people who have lots of skills, in a particular area. Say what you'd need from these people, in order for them to do the job. O.k. Next, list whether the job is full time or part time. And what compensation, if any, you're going to give the people. So that you can avoid a question and answer session with them over the phone or through e-mail. Asking you all these, very simple questions about the job that you should pointed in your description. And then finally state when you need the job to be filled. A lot of times people are looking through job descriptions. Trying to figure out when they can do it. And when you need it. And what their odds are, of getting the job. So tell them upfront, when you need the job to be filled by. And then finally, get all your people together and interviewing people. And hopefully, you'll find the right person for the job.


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