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Job application letters should have no misspelled words, and focus on the job for which the person is applying. Write a great application letter filled with information pertaining to the job for which it is applied, by using these tips from a career adviser in this free video on job guidance.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Pat Goodwin with patgoodwinassociates.com. Today we are going to talk about how to write job application letters. Job application letters are very important when you are obviously applying for a job. The importance comes from several things. You want to make sure that your letter is very accurate, there are absolutely no misspelled words, that you are focusing on the job that you are applying for. So here are some components that I would suggest that you use in writing a letter specific for a job application. You have filled out the application accurately and you want to attach or send a letter along with the application. The top of the letter would have your name, address and contact information similar to the top of your resume. Then to the left, you would have a date, you would have the name of the person that you are sending the letter to if you know that. If you know the name of the person it would be Mr. or Mrs. name, first name, last name, their department or their company first after the name, then their department or their title and then you would have the address of the company that you are sending it to. If you have the subject line you want to maybe talk about the number of the job or the specific type of job you would have subject colon, application engineer, project manager, office position and then you would have dear, the name of the person, Mr. or Mrs. So and So and then a colon or a comma. If you do not know the name of the person you can put Dear Human Resource Department colon. The first statement I would encourage you to write would be something about the company and say something positive about the company so look on line, research the company and see what you can say. It might be something about the culture, it might be something about the product or it might be something about customer service and then the second sentence would be specific to the reason you are writing the cover letter. So I would encourage you to write a cover letter based on the job application specific to the job that you are applying for, the position posted or the position for and name the job is of great interest to me. I believe that my strong track record in this field of work would be of value to your and then the name of the company. If you want to add then in the second paragraph some bullets, key accomplishments or key strengths include and then go down a few bullets about why you feel like the position that you are applying for and the application that you filled out is a direct link then make sure that you are bulleting down a few things about the job application and the reason you feel like you are qualified for the job. End it with the last paragraph stating it would be a pleasure to speak with you personally. I look forward to our conversation. Thank you for your strong consideration. Best regards or sincerely yours and then your name and that is how I would write a letter for a job application.


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