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An easy way of determining what shape of face a person has is by having them trace their faces' outlines in a mirror. Pick hairstyles that go with different face shapes by accentuating the positives and drawing attention away from the negatives with tips from a hair stylist in this free video on hair care and treatments.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amelia, and I'm going to talk to you, about how to determine your face shape, at home. It's really easy. Actually, probably one of the easiest things you'll ever do. You simply go into your bathroom. Take a tube of lipstick. We're going to pretend like this is a tube of lipstick. You're going to want to pull all of your hair away from your face, using a clip, or a headband, anything you have, and then, stand in front of the mirror. Take your lipstick, stand in front, and I've done this before to myself, so I know what my face shape is. We're just doing it for arguments sake. This is a mirror. Stand in front, and just simply look in the mirror, and draw an outline of your face, as you see it in the mirror. I know that my face shape is sort of, not quite oval, a little bit heavier down here, and a little bit narrower through my forehead, so you look at that, determine your shape,and then you can look through books, or take that shape to your stylist, and that will be a great way and an easy way, for you to determine exactly what your face shape is,and then you can determine a hairstyle that best suits your shape. Now remember, a lot of people say that oval is the most ideal shape. I disagree. I think that all face shapes have their own natural beauty, so let's say yours is square. You just need to make sure that you keep, take some angles off of your jawline, if you want to soften those angles. If your face is a little bit more round, more circular, you're going to want to not have anything that cuts you wide, across your face, like that, so if you're wearing a very short bob, your face may appear more round, and as far as heart shape, that's a very juvenile looking face shape, and it tends to look like an upside down triangle, so again, if you're not a great artist, it's ok. Just as long as you get the basic idea of the shape, and remember, even though there's four basic shapes, everybody's face is sort of a conglomeration of several different shapes. Like mine is not quite oval, not quite round, so I tend to be, like I said, a little bit heavier on the bottom, and so most of my height needs to be through here, to add a little bit more width here, so you take those shapes. Bring them in to your designer, and the two of you can come up with some great ideas for hairstyles, and that's how to determine your face shape at home.


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