How to Give Yourself a Good Education if You Are an Intelligent Poor Person

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If someone can't afford college, they can self-educate at the library and with the Internet. Educate yourself by sitting in on college classes with tips from a playwright and college graduate in this free video on college life and personal growth.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Laura Turner and today we're going to talk about how to give yourself a good education if you are an intelligent poor person. If you cannot make it to college because you cannot get a scholarship or you cannot you know, make it through high school, things like this, you're going to need to be able to educate yourself. And there's really no better time it seems in the world, then now to actually self educate, than now. First of all you get a membership to your library. This should not cost you that much if you are a poor person. And you should be able to go to that library and spend as much time in it as you want, indeed. In that library you're going to find books and you're also going to find computers that can help you get on the Internet. But first what I want to talk about is actually reading classic books like Fahrenheit 451, Nineteen Eighty-four by George Orwell. Actually educating yourself by picking out the most important books to read and the things that are going to help you become more intelligent and more learned. Also you can ask your librarian if you of course don't know what books to read, ask your librarian, you know, where can I find a book that will, you know, better me that I'll be interested in that had affected the world. And she or he will be able to direct you to that book. O.k., next of course you go on the Internet and you do your own research on things is the really easiest way to sort of getting lots of information at once. And also if you have just your library you can also take your books home with you, and you don't have to spend all your time there. So if you don't have Internet access the book is always the best way to go. Next ask to sit in on college classes. Some colleges and some professors are a little more lenient about this than others. Some have policies where you can't actually have people sit in. But if you get lucky enough to be able to actually sit in on a class that teaches a subject that you cannot teach yourself, sit in on that class. Next, make friends with other intelligent people who can give you access to stuff that you don't have, like films or books or you know, anything. O.k. and next write down, this is very important if you are an intelligent but poor person, write down everything that you've learned so that you can actually make your own library at your own disposal and that you can memorize it you know, by writing it. So you can soak up this information by writing it down, but you can also have your own copy, you know, free of charge for yourself. So start taking down your own library notes and that's my advice for how to educate yourself.


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