Foods That Speed Up Metabolism


Foods that speed up metabolism, such as fruits, vegetables and fiber, require the body to burn more calories to digest the food than the food contained in the first place. Learn what foods to eat that speed metabolism, thereby curbing the appetite, in this free video on diet tips from a professional nutritionist and wellness counselor.

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Video Transcript

Did you know that the foods that help speed up your metabolism can also help you lose weight safely and effectively without keeping you hungry ? I am Isabelle Simon. I'm your personal and workplace wellness consultant and today we are going to learn the foods that help speed up your metabolism. A food that helps speed up your metabolism , is basically a food that's going to require to burn more calories for your body to digest than the food itself contains. Let me give you an example. Let's take three brownies. Sounds good. Right? Well three brownies contain approximately two hundred and seventy five calories. Your body will take approximately seventy five calories to burn and to digest your brownies. So, you are left with two hundred calories. That go where? You guessed it. In your midsection. Now, take a second example. Fruits, vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber that will require a lot of energy to breakdown and digest. A grapefruit for example has approximately thirty five calories and it will take your body ninety calories to be able to digest that grapefruit. So now, you tap into your reserve and you are able to digest that grapefruit. So if you burn more calories than you actually take you will be able to lose the weight faster without feeling hungry. Because when it takes time to digest something it keeps you full for a little while. That is as simple as that. So my friend today we just learned the foods that help speed up your metabolism. Fruits and raw vegetables. I'm Isabelle Simon, your personal and workplace wellness consultant. Remember good health begins with good nutrition.


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