How to Dress Business Casual During a Blistering Hot Summer - For Women

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Women should wear breathable fabrics like cotton for more comfort while dressing business casual during a blistering hot summer day. Dress for the office during the summer with tips from a fashion specialist in this free video on style advice.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Rachel Youens and I'm a freelance fashion writer and the owner of street fashion site and today we're going to talk about how to dress business casual even in the blistering sun. So first we are going to talk about exactly what business casual is. It is kind of a balance between your normal white color business wear and your street wear so not your raggedy jeans, not your nice business slacks but something kind of in between. The first thing we are going to talk about with business casual is that you can't throw all your normal business wear ideas out the window. This doesn't mean you can wear like tank tops and skimpy stuff. So one solution we can do is taking a dress that normally would be a little too skimpy to wear to work, something with maybe a halter back line like this one or a tank top that maybe you would wear to a Summer wedding but you wouldn't wear it to work. Taking that dress, bringing it into work, wearing that but putting a cardigan over it so when you are outside on your water to work, leaving work, at lunch, you can take off the cardigan and be a little cooler but then while you are at work, still kind of keeping that modesty and that business look that you really need to uphold. The second tip we are going to talk about is looking at the fabrics that you are going to be wearing. I have two kind of similar shirts here. This one is polyester and this one is cotton. You are going to be way cooler in the cotton so as you are going through and choosing your wardrobe opt for something that is going to breath. Look at seersuckers, look at cotton, look at linen. It is wrinkly but it is a great breathing material. Try to keep that spandex at home. You'll be really hot and you'll also get a little sticky. One problem that a lot of women have they try to do the business casual and they want to wear a tank top but busty women often have a problem with too much cleavage showing even when they want to be modest. So looking at a tank top like this that has a high cut neck line. You are still getting that sleeveless look and you're still getting a tank top but it has got a high enough neck line that you are not going to be coming out of your shirt. And our final tip for business casual and not all work environments will allow this but if you could wear cropped pants or a capri and that is one really great way to still be wearing a slack and still look very business-like. Again my name is Rachel and this has been how to dress business casual even in the blistering sun.


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